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Seminar “Reviewing of Legal Challenges of Foreign Investment Contracts in Iran”- September 20, 2022

Vene: The House of Directors (Industrial Management Organization)


This meeting was held in cooperation with Gostaresh Noavaran Rahe Abrisham company and the Industrial Management Organization in the Conference Hall of the House of Directors with the presence of a group of industrialists and managers of economic enterprises and graduates of this organization on September 20, 2022 from 15:00 to 18:00.


At the beginning of this seminar, Mr. Dr. Kayani, the President of the Industrial Management Organization, found this cooperation very useful for the purpose of entering the managers of economic enterprises in the international markets by inviting foreign experts.


Speakers; Mr. Baki Maneche & Mr. Jean-Charles Albitre discussed legal issues in foreign contracts in Iran and vice versa, such as:


⁃ Investment and sanctions laws

 -The Confidentiality of negotiations and non-disclosure of information

⁃ Profitability of investment and return of capital

⁃ Challenges created on an existing business – taxes

⁃ Coping with valid regulations, fixed prices, penalties, etc

⁃ Protection of intellectual property rights/transfer of technology and knowledge/patent, trademark

⁃           force Major

⁃ Resolving disputes through mediation and reconciliation

⁃ Arbitration and rules governing international contracts

With full explanations and the risks of not complying with each article of the law and the relevant legal clauses, the questions of the participants in the meeting were answered at the end of the seminar.

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