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Seminar “Reviewing of Legal Challenges of Foreign Investment Contracts in Iran”- September 19, 2022

Venue: Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture – 19th – Sep- 2022

Seminar reviewing the challenges and legal risks of international contracts in foreign investments was held by the efforts and the cooperation of Gostaresh Noavaran Rahe Abrisham Company and Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture with the aim of promoting managers and industrialists of economic enterprises to enter the global markets on 19th  September 2022 in Iran Chamber of Commerce seminar hall.

It should be mentioned that the professors of this meeting were Mr. Jean Charles Albitre and Mr. Baki Maneche, who discussed the topic and presented the required topics, including investment and sanctions laws, the confidentiality of negotiations and non-disclosure of information, investment feasibility, etc.

In this seminar, Dr. Chagarvand spoke about the importance of the specialized knowledge required in order to conclude international contracts and prevent the dangers and risks arising from them. Mr. Nowrozi, the director of the Gostaresh Noavaran Rahe Abrisham Company, mentioned the goals and plans of the company in the medium and long term in order to improve the quality level of knowledge of economic operators.

Other topics raised in this seminar:

⁃ Investment and sanctions laws

Confidentiality of negotiations and non-disclosure of information

⁃ Profitability of investment and return of capital

⁃ Challenges created on an existing business – taxes

⁃ Coping with valid regulations, fixed prices, penalties, etc

⁃ Protection of intellectual property rights/transfer of technology and knowledge/patent, trademark

⁃           Force Major

⁃ Resolving disputes through mediation and reconciliation

⁃ Arbitration and rules governing international contracts

 with complete explanations and the risks of not complying with each article of the relevant laws and legal clauses, and at the end of the meeting, all the questions from paticipants in the meeting were answered.

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