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Cyber security

Cyber security consists of a set of protocols that are responsible for protecting your information from hacker attacks. If this information protection is done well in the cyber space, you can recover your information in critical situations such as errors or hard drive failure or power outages.

Security in cyberspace includes the following:

  • Security in cyberspace
  • Sharing security
  • Email security
  • Browser security
  • Security of online stores
  • Messenger security
  • Online shopping security


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Dr.Shawn Key Head of the international cyber area
Dr. Shawn Key is an expert in cyber systems and computer system hackers and provides topics on information technology and security, human and technical resources, principles of compatibility and sustainability of emerging cyber systems.
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Dr.Jay Little Instructor of leadership courses
Instructor of top leadership courses in cyber systems, with the aim of teamwork, leadership in network security, networking in financial systems, identifying malware in cyber security.

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