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Oct 2022





Strategy Management

Strategic Management is an analysis of the important issues of the organization and is taken by the senior managers of the organization on behalf of the owners, in order to control resources in the environment outside the organization. This process includes specifying the mission, vision, assets. Organization and development of the organization’s plans and policies, which are needed for all the activities that will be needed to achieve it.

Objectives of the course:

  • Familiarity with the principles of strategic management
  • Familiarity with analysis methods to develop strategies
  • Familiarity with strategies implementation methods
  • Familiarity with new management principles and methods

course content:

  • Terminology and definition
  • Strategic management process: analysis, planning and development of organizational strategy
  • Agility and beta codex to address existing complexity
  • Analysis methods: “market-based view” (Porter) versus “resource-based view” (Barney).
  • Implementing a strategy with the help of “Balanced Scorecard”


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Prof. Fred Ludolph CEO of GOLDEX Company - Lecturer and consultant of international business courses
Commercial Director at MELCHER Industrianlagen GmbH, Elmshorn (1975 - 1989) - Chairman of the Board of Feinstrumpfwerke Oberlungwitz, Oberlungwitz and leader of the privatization team on behalf of the German Ministry of Economics (1990 - 1992) - Managing Director (50%) of the capital company Founder of Goldex and President of OET GOLDEX Financial GmbH) (1993 until now) - Instructor of professional business management courses such as: economic affairs, investment, strategy management and business plan, etc. at the International Academy in Hamburg

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