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No. 175, 6th floor, corner of Shahid Mousavi, Taleghani St., Tehran

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19 Sep 2022 - 10:00 to 12:00

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Legal review of the challenges of investment contracts in Iran

With the expansion of the Internet and the addition of virtual markets to economic interactions, it is necessary to be very sensitive and precise in setting up the contract. Trust, transparency, decisiveness, completeness and comprehensibility of the contract should be written and arranged in such a way that it is clear and understandable for both the parties and a third party as an arbitrator or judge.
Considering that the goal of each of the parties to the contract is to obtain certain benefits, specifying the rights and obligations of the parties will make the path of cooperation smoother and reduce misunderstandings and disputes.


course content:

  • Familiarity with legal clauses
  • Contract entry into force
  • Master Incoterm® 2020 (Delivery of goods – risks and hazards)
  • force Major
  • International disputes
  • Anticipate disputes
  • Subject of arbitration and governing laws


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Dr. Baki Maneche Consular Counselor of the French Embassy - researcher and analyst of commercial legal issues
Passionate about the Middle East with over 25 years of successful experience in business and legal services. Enthusiastic advocate of commercial diplomacy against international sanctions - Skilled in negotiating private equity companies, oil and gas, PPP, pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics - Business planning, retail sales and entrepreneurship. He is a business graduate. He is a professional from Paris College and has a certificate from Louisville Law School (KY-USA).
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Dr.Jean-Charles Albitre Deputy Director of Ferdowsi Institute in Paris
Legal expert in arbitration, dispute resolution, contract termination and issues related to force majeure

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